Admission PMP

Admission terms for products for military purposes:


The proposed range and quantity of exhibits which to be demonstrated must be submitted in accordance with form A. For products for civilian purposes form B must be completed. (The range must indicate the full designation of the exhibits in Russian and in English).

In order to simplify the procedure for documenting temporary imports, it is recommended that exhibitors provide the organiser with information material in paper form about the PMP which they plan to demonstrate, along with their proposals concerning the range and quantity of exhibits which they plan to demonstrate.

In the event of uncertainty regarding whether exhibits to be demonstrated at the exhibition should be designated as PMP or civilian products, an application must be made to the Russian Ministry of Defence (expert assessment of arms and military equipment department, Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, ul. Znamenka 19, Moscow, 119160) to have an expert identification assessment carried out. The procedure for such applications is defined by Order No. 550 of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation dated 29 December 2005 (registration in Russian Ministry of Justice No. 7408 of 24 January 2006).