Support services

The Official Service Operator

The official hospitality service for the guests of the 10th Anniversary International Exhibition of Arms, Military Equipment and Ammunition “RAE 2015” is “PROMO-TRAVEL” agency.

At your disposal:

  • integrated database of hotels in Nizhniy Tagil and Ekaterinburg;
  • ticketing;
  • visa support;
  • individual and group transfers for participants and visitors of conference;
  • excursions for visitors and participants of conference;
  • interpretation services.

Address: 123290, Russia, Moscow, 1st   Magistralniy close, 11, bld.10. 
Phone: + 7 (495) 660-75-90; 

Official On-Site-Exhibition Freight Forwarder


Please get in contact with the official On-Site-Exhibition Freight Forwarder for all questions regarding Customs-Clearance-, On-Site-Handling- & Transport-Services to and from the fairground.


  • Assembling 01.09 — 08.09.2015
  • Disassembling 13.09 — 16.09.2015
  • Advise of Consignment Details
    — latest delivery of „ Proforma-Invoice / Packinglist” by mail for checking import restrictions — 25.06.2015 or 9 weeks before transport
  • Transport by air
    — latest collection of consignment — 24.08.2015
    — latest arrival at airport Moscow „Koltsovo“ — 31.08.2015
  • Transport by rail / rolling stock
    — latest arrival at customs terminal In station Staratel ,SVX — 24.08.2015
  • Transport by sea
    — latest arrival at seaport Hamburg — 03.08.2015
  • Transport by truck
    — latest collection of consignment within Europe — 10.08.2015
    — latest delivery to our consolidation point Germany — 13.08.2015

Latest arrival in Nizhny Tagil — 01.09.2015 – 10.00 h                      

Latest delivery of copies of „Proforma-Invoice / Packinglist“ by mail to our address 10 days before any transport

Cost Saving Tools

Transport of overseas consignments by air / vessel to Europe for consolidation of truck transport
Transport of consignments out of Europe to our truck consolidation points through exhibitors
Organising export customs clearance procedures locally through exhibitors
Hand-carry of small quantities of consumer goods / exhibits through delegates travelling to exhibition
Translating documents into Russian language through local providers
Consolidating customs-tariff-codes of identical commodity groups
Following our timetable, i.e. redeem the deadlines
Advising cargo details as early as possible to choose cheapest way of transport
Avoiding handling services at assembly / disassembly in overtime or on official holidays / weekends
Avoiding sending products which are easily able to buy in Moscow, especially kitchenware and products for catering purposes

“ADEFA” LLC Partner of companyPartner of company PANALPINA WELTTRANSPORT (Deutschland) GmbH PAN-FAIRService

Vladimir Bormatov

Crocus Expo Exhibition centre,office 210, Expo - 1 build, 65 - 66 km of
MKAD, Moscow region, Krasnogorsk
Tel: +7 (495) 223-40-28
Fax: +7 (495) 223-40-29
Handy: +7 (985) 763-93-62

General Contractor

Official general contractor of the 10th international exhibition of arms, military equipment and ammunition «RAE-2015»

General contractor EXPONORM provides:

  • consideration of technical documentation for third-party developer’s work till 08/10/2015;
  • construction and decoration of standard booths;
  • design and construction of exhibition booths of any complexity, development of stands concepts;
  • fitting stands out by multimedia equipment;
  • rent of an equipment, furniture, lighting;
  • souvenir gifts.

Sitnikov Sergey
Tel: +7 (343) 266-46-20
Tel: +7 (343) 380-50-41
Tel: +7 (343) 380-50-31
Handy +7 (903) 086-46-20

Official Insurance Partner

In order for an insurance contract to be drawn up, all you need to do is fill in a standard application form and receive your insurance policy with your preferred selection of insurance services.
If you have questions with regard to drawing up insurance policies, please contact Irina Matveeva on tel. +7-495-926-72-70 and email or Oleg Volodin on tel. +7-495-926-72-70 and email .

Official Translator

EGO Translating is an Official Translator of the 10th International Exhibition of Armaments, Military Equipment, and Ammunition (Russia Arms EXPO 2015). To facilitate in the provision of effective communication from participating enterprises, our company offers the following comprehensive linguistic support programs during the exhibition:

  • simultaneous and consecutive interpreting during business program events, negotiations, and at exhibition stands;
  • the translation of documents containing classified information;
  • translation, guide services, and accommodation support for business travelers;
  • compilations of technical glossaries using bilingual documentation from data previously provided by the customer;
  • compilations of separate glossaries for various branches within the defense sector;
  • the creation of electronic copies of various types of documentation;
  • proof-reading and editing for earlier translated materials;
  • document pre-printing services.

Please allow ample time for the processing of your inquiries.

Contact Information for the Center of Military Translation:
Event Project Manager:
Anastasia Sergeevna Vivatenko
Phone: 8 800 100 22 10 (toll-free within Russia), +7 812 244 22 10
E-mail: or

Regional terminal operator

PINA Company founded in 2011 and operates a multiregional network of interactive navigation video terminals installed in major shopping malls and entertainment centers, auto and business centers.

The Company works in one of the most promising and rapidly growing field of modern advertising industry -Digital Signage.

Main activities:

  • Advertising in the own network of interactive video terminals.
  • Installation and maintenance of video terminals in crowded places - shopping malls and entertainment centers, office buildings, etc.
  • Development of specific software for video terminals for use at trade shows, presentations, BTL- campaigns, conferences, etc.
  • Production and sale of interactive touch video terminals.
  • Development of software and content for video terminals.

Distribution network of advertising information on the interactive navigation video terminals is already covered Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Tagil, Novosibirsk, Novokuznetsk, Omsk, Perm, Ufa, Chelyabinsk, Kursk, Sochi, Moscow and growing rapidly.